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The fame of New Zealand has catapulted as a reputed educational destination due to the uniqueness of this country, whether it’s due to its topography or brilliant studying opportunities. If a student is looking forward to study in New Zealand, he has a myriad of options available to him.

The safe ambiance of this country is also a reason why students should choose to study in this country.

Where to study in New Zealand

There are many kinds of education providers in New Zealand. Broadly they can be classified in three categories:

  • Universities: For achieving your dream to study in New Zealand in a university, you must have cleared the National Certification Of Educational Achievement (NCEA) exam at level 3. Under level 3, 14 credits are required in all the 3 of the designated subjects.
  • Polytechnics: The institute of technology and polytechnics are accredited by NZQA(New Zealand Qualifications Authority). For students deciding about how to study in New Zealand, these ITPs are also a good choice because they deliver education for vocational and technical purposes. They can also help students in research and development so that they are able to build a strong technological base.
  • Private education providers: These are private education providers which are not owned by state. They can be run by companies or by government and companies together. Currently the number of students which are studying here is 33,468.
  • Work study in New Zealand It’s important to understand that the students can only be allowed to work and that too for duration of only 20 hours every week, if you are able to fulfill these conditions:
  • The duration of your study program is two years at a minimum.
  • The student is a part of the English language program
  • The student is a part of an educational program that will later qualify him for New Zealand immigration under its Skilled Migrants Program. Students who are pursuing master study in New Zealand can work for a larger number of hours during their educational sessions also. For such programs, these are the rules for working during studies:
  • The program has atleast 120 credits, if the length of the program is only 1 year, then the student is eligible to work completely during his educational breaks.
  • However if a student’s educational program does not have 120 credits but is of the duration 1 year, then he can only work during the holidays of Christmas and New Year.

Study Cost in New Zealand

The cost of housing in New Zealand varies between areas. For example, the cost of residence in Wellington and Auckland were on an average near about 460 NZ dollars. But overall, in New Zealand, the median rent was quite low at 360 NZ dollars for a 3 bedroom accommodation on a weekly basis.

In fact, the study cost in New Zealand, will come out to be quite low because both the cities Auckland and Wellington have been ranked quite low, 83rd and 61st respectively, in terms of cost of living as proved in an international survey


Undergraduate Diploma & Bachelors Degree : 12th with 50% to 70% range

Graduate Diploma, PG Diploma, Masters : Bachelors with 55% & above

English Language

Undergraduate Diploma, Bachelors Degree & Graduate Diploma : IELTS 6.0 with no band less than 5.5

Postgraduate Diploma & Masters : IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0

Universities across New Zealand offer education in many fields and also give you opportunity to study in the world’s best institutions.

  • Arts & Design
  • Business Administration
  • Finance & Economics
  • Engineering
  • Fashion & Textile
  • Hotel Management, Culinary/Pastry/Cookery
  • Information Technology
  • Management & Commerce
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Psychology, Counseling and Social Sciences
  • Research, PHD
  • Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy & Health
  • Mass Communication
  • Advertising & Communication
  • Chef Program
  • Education
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance & Commerce
  • Informatics and Business Systems
  • Law
  • Dentistry & Health
  • Politics and Policy
  • Tourism
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports Management
  • Public Administration

Study cost in New Zealand varies from course to course and Institute to Institute:

An Undergraduate level which includes Diploma, Bachelors and Graduate diploma can cost anywhere between NZ$ 15000 to NZ $ 25000 per year.

The Masters and Postgraduate diploma can cost NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 36,000per year.

Living cost in New Zealand will vary between NZ $ 10,000 to NZ $ 12,000 per year.


here are generally two intakes in New Zealand : February & July

However ITPs & Private Institutions may have different intakes for different courses. Practically there is an intake every month in some or the other institution resulting in recruitment throughout the year.


There is no deadline as such in New Zealand but it is recommended to send applications at least 4 months prior to the start date to avoid end moment troubles.