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Travel Visa Canada

Bassic Requirements & Documents

  • You must possess a valid passport where validity is for at least 6 months from the date of visit.
  • Sponsorship letter or invitation letter from someone in canada.
  • You need to show ties to your home country which proves that you will come back.
  • Finance – bank statements and investment showing ability to manage living cost.
  • You need to show sufficient evidence that how will you pay for accommodation, food and other requirements, either yourself or paid by your host.
  • Purpose and duration of travel.
  • Income proof, tax payments and property ownership of the applicant
  • Financial stability of the host and their visa status
  • Air tickets and accommodation booking (if applicable)
  • A good travel history is an added advantage (if applicable)

These are some of the common requirements and documents. for individual visa categories documents and requirements will differ like

  • for business visit, you need to show evidence of business meeting, sponsorship /official invitation letter by host company in canada.
  • super visa is applicable for parents and grandparents of canadian permanent residents and citizens, it is usually granted for 2 years. sponsor in canada should meet minimum income threshold for this visa.

Visa Processing Time

it takes around 15-20 days on an average.
There are two modes of application 1) online and 2) paper base visa application.
you may get multiple-entry visa or single-entry visa and this decision rests with the embassy only. the validity of visa varies from 6-months to 10-years and the decision is taken by embassy.

Visa Fees